It’s quite obvious that if you are walking through my website and if you really are enjoying the content then definitely you will also want to know about me.???


Hi Friends..!! 

My name is Revan and I’m a full-time Internet Marketer as of now.

But, I think you need to know about may past too, then and only I can conveyance you how challenging my life was and how exactly one can change it without bothering about the current situations instead keep focusing on what you want to be in future.

The Flash Back

Their entire life, my parents struggled hard to make sure that me and my siblings grow and live in ease. It was in 2002 when I really took up to work to release some stress from my parent’s shoulders. I kept my schooling at secondary priority. However I am a Graduate Now, Feels good..!! Ok..!! I was hardly 16 years old when I felt eager to achieve something dam big in my life. But it was not like what I really thought making money was that easy.

Those Dark Days

I started working in a tea stall, then with some newspaper stuff, then with a CNC Industry, then with a foot wear company, then with a detergent factory, real estate etc…………… I went on switching my job very frequently in hope of getting something better that the previous one. But, the only thing I never changed was my habit of working hard. I had always had the focus in my mind ” TO ACHIEVE BIG SOME DAY”

Irrespective of what I was into for a living.. I would always have these mental battles going on in my mind….
• you’ve really the only chance of life to live man (how do you want to live it)?
• if there was ever a time to make it happen, it’s now.
• you’ve got this, go get it.
• don’t be a fool ………….. GO GO GO…………

Digging the Internet Thing

During my last tenure with REAL ESTATE, I came to know that the internet which we use in the office is much capable of generating money for many people. At first I thought people are just kidding… How can the internet produce MONEY……???? seems silly r8……! I just IGNORED it….!! LOL..!!

But the eager to learn from my inside forced to put my hands in the internet world too. I remember it was in 2012 when I started surfing the internet to find some online business for myself. Honestly saying, I ended up with…

==> Loosing My Hard Earned Money
==> A Warm Welcome Of Financial Stress Into My Life
==> Confidence to achieve my dreams Did Got A Little Bit Disturbed

I went on trying with different things..!! Only to end up with FAILURE AGAIN & AGAIN
Some So Called Online GURUS Left My Pockets Empty. Every Time I Came In Touch With A New One I thought YES This Will Work… But The Truth Is They never share you the information on how to build your business, Subsequently You FAIL & FALL.

I Have Fallen My ASS In This Online Business Like Never Before

At one stage I was like almost losing my entire money and hope……… But the Truth is.. Every Time I Got Robbed I Dig This Internet Thing More & More & More…….

Real Success Lies in Taking Risk and Real Hard Work.

As all the successful people’s stories out there you have already been into or you will be.. The common thing among all of them is “FAILURE”


With all the experience I had in the past either it is online of offline, I can honestly say ” If you are really willing to do something then the only Mantra you need to put in your mind is “HARD WORK & DEDICATION”

Today, I am a successful online entrepreneur having a bunch of websites in various NICHES. All those set up with real hard work and dedication I am generating handsome revenue.

Though I am not a millionaire yet still I manage to earn for my comfort livings and that too without any hard work and most of all without A SLAVERY JOB.

I would definitely like to mention here that “The most horrible & happiest thing ever happened to me in my life is INTERNET” AND THE BEST RECOMMENDED BUSINESS TO START INSIDE INTERNET IS “WEALTHY AFFILIATE”


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So, to all of you gentlemen and women who have question in your mind.. “WHY I WROTE AND PUBLISHED ALL THIS CRAP”

Because, if you have landed on my page and reading the stuff then I am quite sure that, “YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOME MIRACLE KIND OF MONEY MAKING SYSTEM ONLINE” r8.??

Wait… Wait….!

My Dear Friends..!!

See, I will be honest here to say and I want you guys to know and make a note of some fact’s about online business.

  • No Business in this world will earn you overnight..
  • Be careful of the 100’s and 1000’s of SCAMS out there always peeping inn to snatch you somewhere.
  • Don’t get attracted to the Spark of the Content.
  • Know about the business before you put on your wallet & offer the scammers to taking away your hard earned money.

It all happened to me and I will never bother sharing my experience with you just because I don’t want you to get scammed due to lack of knowledge.

You first need to know the basics of online business, what it is all about and how exactly it works and what sort of knowledge you need to be successful online.

And to get you on the right path I highly appreciate if you allowing me to help you build your first online business steps by steps and that too for FREE. Yes..!!

“Wealthy Affiliate University” is free to join and one can remain and continue learning within the community as a free member as long as you wish to stay.

So, folks.., now that you are seriously looking to build your first ever online business then I personally suggest you to initially learn how to really start from the scratch and lay your path “GRADUALLY YOU WILL GROW TOWARDS SUCCESS”

You are WELCOME Friend.

I wish you all the very best.

Don’t forget to say me hello once you join our “WEALTHY AFFILIATE COMMUNITY

See you inside.

Please let me know in case you need any sort of help from side. I am easily approachable. All you need to do is send an email to the following address. I will try hard to revert you at the earliest possible.


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