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If you are honestly in search of a genuine  MONEY MAKING ONLINE BUSINESS or most likely looking for an online program which will really help you in MAKING MONEY  by building a successful online business that will not cost you a penny to start or you are already a kind of having a bit knowledge about online industry , but need more skills and training in order to add some real time value to your online presence, then you are on the right path and this WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW 2017 surely is going to help you in either ways to “ GIVE IT A GO”

So…!! Folks..!!

I really tried hard to make it as short as I can and as simple as I can to make you understand the whole concept on the MAKING MONEY ONLINE with WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY and not to forget that WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY IS A GENUINE ONLINE PLATFORM AND HAS EFFECTIVE ONLINE MONEY MAKING MATERIAL.

In itself it is a proof that WA University is having 1000000 (One Million) Members does really make sense. Doesn’t it..???




The Real Impression of People about Online Business 

Today’s online Industry had become wholly focused on generating instant money barely bothered for those who are seriously looking for an opportunity here and there some even willing to spend few $$$ to find something which may change their lives forever.

Sadly, there are 100’s and 1000’s of  scammer’s out there who don’t care about you or the fact that you may be pushed towards financial crisis or lose your hard earned money since all they do is looking after how to cut down your pockets till they are empty without even sharing  a single “A” about this online Industry.

It might be you or not, but most of newbie’s want to earn money online because they don’t want to continue with their unsatisfied jobs, want financial freedom, want to earn part time income, house wives want to work from home, students want to earn some pocket money, people who really don’t have enough earnings for a living and some seriously looking to building a solid platform towards online success.

In a hurry to gain some profits it often happens that most of the people specially the new comers/ newbie’s get scammed just because they don’t know what exactly to do, where exactly to start and what exactly will work for them. They just get attracted to some eye catching websites which falsely promise of generating wealth overnight and GET SCAMMED by these so called Internet Gurus.

But the truth is “THERE IS NO SUCH BUSINESS IN THIS WORLD WHICH GENERATES INSTANT SUCCESS” One needs to be seriously focused and determined towards what you really want to achieve, YOUR INDIVIDUAL GOALS.

Before you start an online business, you need to first focus on the below mentioned points seriously.

How to Start           – How Does A Business Works.?

What To Start        –  What Product/ Niche to Start with.?

Where To Start      –  Where exactly to open the Business to get potential Customers.?

For Whom to Start –What Group of customers you exactly want to walk into your shop/ business.?

The Action Plan     –  It’s just not only sitting and thinking on all the above, but

The Real Success Happens Only if you make it Real by taking “REAL TIME ACTION”

The Making Money Online Concept Too Applies The Same. You need to know how exactly it works, what exactly you need to do, where exactly to start (for getting traffic to your business) , what kind of people you want to attract as your potential customers, and most of all you need the guts to really jump into what you have dreamt, TO TAKE ACTION & IMPLEMENT YOUR THOUGHTS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN IN REAL.

Not to make it too long now, I just want to jump in for what I am here to quickly introduce you to the only existing GENUINE ONLINE BUSINESS PLATFORM known as


Is There Any Product You Need To Buy To Join WEALTHY AFFILIATE  

So, just say when you go shopping for a new phone/ ipad or any sort of product it’s obvious you will want to see the demo and explore the functions and features first before you buy it right.?, and I can really say that you not the only one trying to get some knowledge about the work ability of the product before purchasing it, almost everyone does that.

Similarly, just think of if you had to start a garment business, will you just pay for it without actually knowing what it is all about, how it works or if indeed it will be the right business for you?

Obviously you will not, you will never risk your hard earned money into something which you are not quite sure about. So, why do most of the people just throw away their money into some so called “STARTS MAKING MONEY ONLINE INSTANTLY” kind of online business without knowing the fact they will be scammed for their pockets. This often happens to people and it’s obvious when you don’t have enough knowledge.

Honestly speaking I too lost my hard earned dollars by simply getting trapped into these kinds of scams at the start of my search for online business back in 2013.

So, by now you may be aware that those without having the knowledge where exactly to start and what exactly to start with will never succeed. Always remember that one has to gain enough knowledge about the business before you start it else you will FALL like anything.

That is the exact subject matter which you will learn inside Wealthy Affiliate. WA community will hold you close and don’t ever imagine that WA will leave you in between. WA will lead you to success. It’s my word to you because I belong to one of those successful community members.

Wealthy Affiliate University is my No.1 recommendation to you for this exact reason “TO HELP PEOPLE SUCCEED”

How Much Does It Costs to Join WEALTHY AFFILIATE .?

You will be able to JOIN Wealthy Affiliate for Free. YES. JOIN NOW..!! 

As this is a genuine online business building platform, the owners of WA Kyle & Carson allow you to explore the WAYS TO YOUR ONLINE SUCCESS without sharing any credit card details at all, and yes you can have up to two free websites up and ready to earn from it if you are willing to take the program seriously and take action on the lessons inside WA.

As I mentioned above, as a free member you will be able to get access to WA University to surf what exactly WA has got inside to make you successful before you really want to opt it. I bet, once you join WA you will never leave.  It is the power of tons and tons of information it has that will never let you go anywhere instead you will wish to upgrade yourself for long term association by going for PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. I BET YOU.

Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University created this membership to provide effective training, help and support each and every person out there especially those who don’t have much to spend but are serious to earn a passive income by building their online presence.

How will Wealthy Affiliate help YOU in earning YOUR first online income?

The answer is simple and not as complicated as you may think; those who have success have the following things in common and they are:

Having Your Own Website –

The biggest scams online ever would be the fake promises of those telling you that you don’t need a website to have success for obviously they just want you to buy yet another scammy product. If you want sales you will need traffic and without a blog or site there will be NO.. TRAFFIC.


Getting Traffic/ Visitors To Your Website-

Wealthy Affiliate is doing a tremendous job in helping members to set up their own websites and provide the right training along with to make sure you succeed in online business.

Perfect Support System –

Although, the online business industry is too busy all the time and social network seems to be all around, but at the end you are all alone sitting in front of your computer and trying to search some space for yourself. There is nothing as frustrating as when your only help is Google itself and you are dependent on your browser for help or even worse, when support systems have you waiting for days before they answer your questions. Wealthy Affiliate is an active platform with integrated live community with over 1 million active members always willing to help out in the chat box, posts, blogs and forums or via open discussions.

Accurate Information, Training and Product Knowledge –

Look you may have the best training program and even have got ton and tons of knowledge, but the fact is if you don’t know how to implement it within your online business it will be useless. Wealthy Affiliate community helps their members to act upon the knowledge and skills that they had learned by sharing it to its community/members. Both the founders of Wealthy Affiliate are active inside the community to help their members. All you need to do is just send them a PRIVATE MESSAGE or OPEN NOTIFICATION. Its 110% surety, the response comes from one of the founder and that too well in time to help you out.

Apart from that there is a complete video lesson section and within each lesson there is a few tasks that you need to complete and implement it to your assignments and I honestly say that I have personally implemented those tools and tricks which I think are a great Motivation to its Members.
By now, I hope you have a clear picture about the inside of Wealthy Affiliate University, the way it works, the help you get from the 24X7 active community of over 1,000,000 members help each other, the 24X7 chat box again a great helpful people which you find nowhere in this online industry except the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Hope you enjoyed my review and once again I want to convey you that.

“If you are seriously looking to work and build your online business, then Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect path to Board” I seriously recommend you to just kick start with the free membership and explore the WA inside once.


It’s completely your wish if you want to stay with the WA community or you want to quit. WA never forces any of its members to move out unless you wish to do so. You can have lifelong access to WA even if you are a free member.
Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions/ queries running in your mind. Of Course, You have the complete right to be absolutely sure before making a final decision and stay away from online scammers. 

Thanks for reading my post.

See you inside WA community.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment in case you need any help from my side.

Wishing you all the very best. To Your Success.


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